The Best Survival Watch For 2017

The world is a dangerous place these days

Are you ready if things turn from normal to OMG? That's why first Responders have their Go-Bags and Preppers have their Get-Out-Of Dodge-Bag. But, you can't always have your gear with you.

Or can you?


If you remember the Movies with James Coburn, "Our Man Flint"

You might recall he had an unusual wristwatch that was a complete survival kit.

Well, today, technology and need have caught up with the movies, and you can get Survival wristwatches that have items that can get you out of a jam easy and they actually work.

Today, you are going to be introduced to 5 that have what it takes to be called survival watches. The first will let you know when the water is about to turn into a nightmare and you can then seek shelter or get out of harm’s way.


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Where you are hiking camping and just enjoy nature to the fullest, you need to keep track of your surrounding and the environment. The Seals call this situational awareness. The Santo Core is a computer you wear on your wrist that has not only compass capability but also will tell you your elevation, and the air pressure.

BTW it also tells you the correct time and will alert you if the weather conditions are getting honky and will let you know if bad weather is on the horizon. It also comes in a wide assortment of designer colors that go with your outdoor or leisure fashions as well.


  • The Santo Core is a high-end survival watch that combines compass, barometer, and altimeter along with a built-in water monitor center that keeps you apprised of the weather around you.
  • This is of particular interest for Base Jumpers or Highliners (Slackliners) who risk their lives just getting in and out of their hammocks as they are often hung hundreds of feet in the air.
  • The is one place Moab, Utah where the Moab Monkeys built a hammock 400 feet above the canyon floor and the only way to reach it was via a web work of knitted cordage that requires the skills of a seasoned Slackliner expert. Both Highliners and Base Jumpers use it to explore the edges of their respective sports.


  • The black finish makes this an excellent timepiece with all the features hidden inside
  • The Amazon advert says there are 3 alarms but other sources say there are 5, and when I got mine turns out, they were right
  • Its altimeter can be off at times. So, don't expect this to be a precision instrument. However, for most uses, it does a good job
  • When I am in the mountains, I need to know when the weather is changing. In places like Everest, it can kill you, as already 10 climbers have died so far this year. That's why I like my Core. Weather plays a big part of trekking into the mountains and whether you can reach your goal or...


  • Be careful with the buttons as flexing your wrist the wrong way can jam them in and drain the battery life
  • Make sure you get a new one and not a retread. Somewhere in the pipeline, I ended up with an obvious used Santo Core. We got it resolved, and I got a new one finally

What would you say if you could be carrying your survival kit on your wrist?Weill's what you get when you have 227's Tactical Watch It will make going into the wild a no-brainer, as you have the tools necessary to build a fire, a compass to find your way around, and even a small knife to cut things with. But, it has two digital watches, an analog face, and a built-in stopwatch as well.

So, now all you have to do is pack you tent or survival poncho, and you are ready to hit the trail. The watchband is made of Paracord, so in an emergency, you have the line you need to lash together a shelter using some saplings, Paracord, and a 10 X 10 tarp. You can of, course,bringyou own Paracord separately, and from there you can build one of 25 different shelters if the need arises.


  • First is the watch itself. By looking and the sun the length of the day and doing a few calculations, you can know where you are. Then you can use the compass to navigate to your destination or your next waypoint. This is useful if you are hiking or orienteering.
  • When you decide to rest up the Magnesium firestarter, and some pine sap or pinecones makes for tinder if you haven't brought with you like Fatwood or other flammable material. The mini-knife lets you feather your wood, strike a spark, and cut Paracord if you need to.


  • Great looking watch and the gadgets come in handy if you need to do a MacGyver if you are stuck outdoors
  • Customer service is there when you need them, and if you have a problem, they will help you out up to the point of sending you a new watch
  • The Paracord watchband is more comfortable than metal, plastic, and even leather
  • Each wristband is handmade, which is a nice touch. Don't expect Rolex quality at this price. However, it keeps decent time


  • The watchband is not adjustable. Therefore, you might have to either work with customer service or learn a bit about weaving Paracord watchband

When you are out hiking, jogging, and otherwise making feet across unfamiliar territory, you need to use map and compass when you are out of reach of a cell tower, and your Smartphones GPS cannot help.

That's when your trusty survival wristwatch can help you make it from point A to B. But, not only that its built-in flashlight can help you keep from stumbling and falling, as it lights your way. In addition, you have light to see your map as well.


  • The flashlight charges from a USB connection and everything fits into an oversized case that is about the size of an apple watch and when you are in the wild, it is more useful to you with its band-mounted compass. The analog quartz movement keeps track of the time.
  • The USB flashlight has 5 modes that provide you with #1 a strobe light that can be seen by aircraft at night. #2, #3, and #4 control the intensity of the light. Low, medium, and high) #5 is an SOS beacon that lets people out looking for you that you need help. With a touch of a button, you know the status of the charge of the battery before you head out the door.


  • Designed for outdoor use rather than leisurewear this watch is a workhorse and not a piece of baling
  • Nice to have at night when you can't see to unlock the door of my car or my front door
  • Great idea and useful when you need to go outside at night
  • When you feel the urge in the middle of the night, this is the one piece of camping gear you will appreciate once you leave the campfire's light


  • I wish I could go diving with it. But, at the price, I'm not complaining

This is the age of high tech. Nevertheless, there are some glaring holes. Storms are now able to take down the power grid and terrorists can shutdown an entire city.

So, in order to thrive in this world, many have started picking up the old skills that our pioneer ancestors learned through trial and error.

This wristwatch blends High-tech synthetics like Paracord, plastics, and microelectronic technology with the compass and 5 other features. All this blends the new with the old.

Now if things go bad and you need to find your way, start a fire, and signal for help. It is all contained and wrapped around your wrist.


  • Along with the compass, you have other tools at your disposal that will help you get by if things don't go according to plan.
  • A magnesium fire starter is a valuable piece of gear to have under almost all adverse conditions. You also have an accurate timepiece that measures seconds and has a built-in temperature gauge as well. Should you need to get attention or alert someone to danger, you also have a whistle with a shrill sound that can be heard for miles around.
  • All of this is concealed and contained in what appears to be an elegant sports watch.
  • This watch is made for Preppers, hikers, and people who love to walk on the wild side like Highliners, Base jumpers and other individuals who enjoy pushing the edge


  • Stylish and yet it is a fully function survival tool
  • The Paracord wristband is comfortable and form fitting
  • I used the firestarter to light my Weber using nothing more that some newspaper and Fatwood for kindling
  • This watch looks cutting edge, and when I'm out in the woods I know I have the things to get by with if I need it
  • Usefully as well as trendy looking
  • The perfect all-in-one camping and survival tool


  • The watch is OK, and the price is right, but the firestarter could be a bit larger
  • It looks good in black, though I'd like more variety in colors offered

It is fashionable to wear Paracord today. However, you know that the Paracord that makes up you wristwatch's band is not only for decoration.

It is 3 meters of 550 7-core cordage that can be used in many survival situations. You also have a digital watch that looks stylish but is also able to be used as a stopwatch, which helps you measure distance as you hike or trek in the outdoors.

If you take, a plunge while you are fording a stream or river the waterproof construction laughs off the water, and you can continue on your way guided by the compass that is in easy view. When it is time to turn in you can build a campfire with ease as it also has an attached firestarter as well.


  • Quartz crystal digital accuracy timepiece with date, time, and stopwatch functions along with date
  • Enough Paracord to get you out of a jam or help you build an emergency shelter
  • Firestarter that will light even damp tinder
  • You also have a 150-decibel whistle that can be used to signal or call for assistance


  • For the price, it looks great, and it actually could come in handy in a pinch. I usually carry a full pack with my regular stuff in it. But, this is a little bit of insurance for "just in case."
  • It makes a fashion statement as it looks cool and the widgets you get with it are functional and not just for show
  • I just finished my First aid course and having the means to start a fire or immobilize a broken bone with some branches, and Paracord made me buy this watch to go with my first aid kit
  • You have a removable compass. The dial that says compass on the watch is for show and it’s the removable one you're interested in


  • The watch is OK, but I am thinking of replacing it and put another in its place
  • A lot of things on the watch are for show. However, the gadgets all work pretty well. What do you expect at this price

Final thoughts


So next time you are going outdoors. Take off your regular wristwatch and strap on your survival watch and then if anything happens while you are away from your gear, you'll still have the wherewithal to build a fire, find your way, send an SOS, and light the way back to camp or your car in a dark parking garage.

These are just some of the features that today's survival watches have and they are available from Amazon at very reasonable prices.

Remember trouble can strike without warning, and with one of these survival watches, you'll always be ready to take action.

Tomothy Jackson

I'm Tomothy Jackson, an adventure, survival writer. I want to help readers by sharing my experiences camping, trekking, hiking and fishing. I hope to inspire others to fully explore the depths of their passion.

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